Introducing our New Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Our new three piece bamboo cutting board set is now available on

In today’s eco-conscious world, consumers are looking for green alternatives to over harvested or less environmentally friendly options on the market. Our cutting boards are made from bamboo rather than more commonly used hardwoods. Bamboo grows up to tens times faster than maple and is far more adaptable to its surroundings allowing it to grow in harsher conditions, meaning that when it is properly sourced, it is a completely renewable resource.

Style has not been compromised, however, as the boards are crafted with beautifully smooth edges and rounded corners. Each board has a color-coded handle for use with a set food group to prevent cross-contamination. Click here to find out more.


What our customers say

gold starMet and exceeded my expectations!

“…I ordered this as a gift for my wife and we really have both enjoyed using it tremendously! This high grade quality professional baking mat lives up to its name in every way…”

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gold star

The cutting boards you need!!

“These cutting boards are just excellent!! They are beautiful to look at and so useful. 3 different sizes for your every need.”

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gold star

Great buy!

“I do a lot of precise cookery involving small measurements, and these have been an absolute godsend. Really useful having them all linked together, the measurements are easily readable, and they look and feel like a premium quality product.”

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gold star

These are just great

“These are just great. And they have the 1/8th cup measure that most don’t include. I may go back and buy another set since I continually lose them.Love them!”

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