Meet the Team


Lexi Photo

Lexi Boyce

Lexi is the creative side of the BrightSpring partnership, with her passion for food being the inspiration for the company. Lexi discovered her love of cooking at a young age, primarily out of necessity. “My mom’s method of cooking centered around the ‘if the fire alarm’s going off, it’s done’ ethos, and because of this my brother and I learned the basics pretty quick.”

“I know it’s a bit nerdy, but I love cookware stores. I love the smell, I love all the utensils and gadgets you can buy, and I love the home you can build with them. But I’m not one for gimmicks. Products have to be good quality, serve a real purpose, and last. That’s what inspired BrightSpring.”



  Colin Matthews

Colin is the driving force behind the business side of BrightSpring. With a background in finance and banking, Colin had all the foundations to start his own business. “I always dreamed of working for myself, and BrightSpring has been the realization of that dream.”

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