Olive Oil Bread – Quick and Easy

This is an olive oil bread recipe that will be familiar to anyone who has purchased one of our silicone baking mats – we send you this along with other recipes to help get you started – and it’s one of our absolute favorites. Olive oil bread so easy to make, and can be modified in any way […]

Silicone Baking Mat Care

With a lifespan of two thousand uses, keep your product as good as new with proper silicone baking mat care. What’s one of the best things about a silicone baking mat? Well actually, there are plenty of answers to this question! For me, it’s the time saved in the clean-up. With a totally non-stick surface you […]

Homemade Playdough

Playdough is great fun and something that is dead easy to make yourself. This week has been all about the kids. Or at least about the BrightSpring team acting like big kids… And this has inevitably led us to playdough. Playdough encourages creativity and concentration, but buying the stuff from a shop can be costly, […]

BrightSpring Announces Silicone Baking Mat

We are a supplier of bakeware products designed to bring professional quality to the home baker. Our brand new silicone baking mat is designed with convenience and style in mind. Its silicone-coated fiberglass structure is built to combine flexibility and durability. Silicone is quickly becoming the go-to material for new and innovative kitchenware and it […]

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