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Chocolate M and M Cookies

To be honest, I think the title says it all. Gooey? Go on then. Chocolate? Nice. M&Ms? Oh my giddy aunt. Cookies??? HUZZAH!! Individually all these elements rock my socks but put them together for these almighty gooey chocolate M and M cookies and you have my idea of heaven. One thing I really love […]

Homemade Newspaper Chip Packet

So you’ve made mountains of those delicious homemade baked vegetable chips, yum yum so healthy and delicious… Now, the tricky part. Getting the kids to agree that they’re way better than shop-bought ones. This groovy little homemade newspaper chip packet is super-easy to make and will add an extra element of excitement to help the […]

Root Vegetable Baked Chips

Ugh, potatoes are so last season. Yes, I know they aren’t really – autumn is of course potato season – but you know what I mean. Forget boring, unhealthy fried potato chips, here at BrightSpring headquarters we’re all about delicious, crunchy, healthy root vegetable baked chips. Not only do they taste divine, with the baking really […]

Homemade Playdough

Playdough is great fun and something that is dead easy to make yourself. This week has been all about the kids. Or at least about the BrightSpring team acting like big kids… And this has inevitably led us to playdough. Playdough encourages creativity and concentration, but buying the stuff from a shop can be costly, […]

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