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13-Nov-2014 – BrightSpring Announces Introductory Offer On Its Cutting Board Set

The new bamboo cutting board set from BrightSpring is launched with 43% off:

05-Jul-2014 – Dual Measurements Make Cooking And Baking Easier

A new measuring cup set from BrightSpring has taken the burden of converting recipe ingredients from the baker by detailing both standard and metric units of measurement on its handles:

16-Nov-2014 - Temporary Price Drop on BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set

BrightSpring drops the price of its measuring cup set to $15.99:

04-Jul-2014 – 4th July Crazy Sale Announced By BrightSpring

It is Independence Day so that means a day off, fireworks and hitting the mall for the sales:

26-Jun-2014 – BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat Receives Great Reviews

Product Reviews are extremely helpful to Amazon shoppers as this gives them an insight into products that can only be browsed virtually:

24–Jun-2014 – BrightSpring Release New Cutting Board Set

BrightSpring has announced the release of its new three piece cutting board set in the United States:

19-Jun-2014 – Huge Discount on BrightSpring Bamboo Cutting Board Set

BrightSpring has announced that its brand new bamboo cutting board set has been launched with a special introductory offer:

17-Jun-2014 - Introducing the BrightSpring Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Following the recent releases of measuring cup and measuring spoon sets, BrightSpring has announced another new product in its range, the BrightSpring Bamboo Cutting Board Set:

04-Jun-2014 – Beautiful New Measuring Spoon Set Launched

Measuring spoons provide a practical purpose and generally not much more. They are purchased as a means to measure ingredients, what else would they be bought for?:

28-May-2014 – Introducing the Revolutionary BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set

A set of measuring cups is hardly the most revolutionary piece of kitchenware. After all, measuring cups have been around for decades and “what aint broke don’t fix”:

21-May-2014 – BrightSpring Announce Discount on New Product

BrightSpring has introduced a discount scheme for its new measuring spoon set in which the customer receives a 20% discount when it is purchased along with the matching measuring cup set:

21-May-2014 – Love For ‘I love to Bake’

BrightSpring announced the release of its baking recipe eBook last month which is free to download for all BrightSpring members:

14-May-2014 – Measuring Spoons Released by BrightSpring

As keen bakers themselves, the BrightSpring designers understand what it is the user wants and have sought to implement those needs in these measuring spoons:

12-May-2014 – Price Slashed on BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat

To celebrate the release of I Love to Bake, a baking recipe eBook for BrightSpring customers, the price of the BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat has been reduced by nearly 15% from $13.95 to just $11.95 on Amazon:

07-May-2014 – New Product Release By BrightSpring 

Reliable, space-saving, durable Measuring cups are a must have in any kitchen. Being able to quickly locate a half cup when a recipe calls for a half cup measurement makes kitchen life so much easier and easier’ is certainly the thinking behind BrightSpring’s new set of Measuring   Baking with another BrightSpring product, the BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat Cups:

02-May-2014 – Fantastic Customer Reviews For BrightSpring Product

BrightSpring’s Silicone Baking Mat has been getting rave reviews from Amazon customers in the United States:

30-Apr-2014 - Measuring Cup Set Now Available From BrightSpring

Baking is an art, and to be able to master any art one needs to be both creative and attentive. Experimenting can be fun but any baker will know that it is fundamental that precise ingredients are used in any recipe if you want to avoid a baking disaster:

23-Apr-2014 – Measuring Spoon Set Now Available From BrightSpring

The latest in a line of new bakeware products has been released by BrightSpring. The BrightSpring Measuring Spoon Set is third item in the BrightSpring range following the launch of the BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat and Measuring Cup Set:

16-Apr-2014 – Huge Sale On New BrightSpring Product

Continuing with recent trend, BrightSpring has released their latest bakeware item  with a huge launch discount. The five piece BrightSpring Measuring Spoon Set is temporarily available for half the list price and follows a similar offer on the bakeware brand’s Measuring Cup set that has also just been released:

14-Apr-2014 - The BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat Ranked Top Product

Following the recent releases of new measuring cup and spoons sets, the good news continues to come in for BrightSpring after its innovative non-stick baking mat was ranked as the “#1 Best Seller” for its category on Amazon in the UK:

09-Apr-2014 – 50% Off Introductory Offer On Measuring Cup Set 

Growth is a key focus for BrightSpring in 2014 with expansion into the EU achieved early on concentration is now centered on the launch of new bakeware items to be added to the BrightSpring range:

07-Apr-2014 - Introducing The BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set

Following the success of the BrightSping Silicone Baking Mat, the bakeware brand has expanded their range of premium baking tools with the BrightSpring 5-piece Measuring Cup Set which will be sold exclusively on

05-Apr-2014 – Introducing The BrightSpring Measuring Spoon Set

Hot on the heels of the matching cup set, BrightSpring has now released its Measuring Spoon Set:

01-Apr-2014 – BrightSpring Launch New Social Brand, I Love To Bake

In the age of social networking, building an online presence is essential when creating a fan base. With the ease of sharing information and images through sites like Twitter and Facebook, BrightSpring feels a new brand specific to bakers’ interests will help bridge the gap between them and their customers:

13-Mar-2014 – Huge Sale On The BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat

BrightSpring have further reduced the price of their Silicone Baking Mat in celebration of their first anniversary. Amazon shoppers can now purchase the popular baking tool for just $9.99, the lowest price ever listed:

07-Mar-2014 – BrightSpring Celebrates 1st Anniversary

It has been a whirlwind twelve months for BrightSpring where the company has gone from a bright idea to a respected brand:

28-February-2014- BrightSpring Launches New Facebook Page

A new Facebook page named ‘I Love to Bake’ has been launched by bakeware brand BrightSpring which will bring together a community of like-minded baking enthusiasts to share recipes, photos, tips and the odd disaster:

23-Feb-2014 – BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat Sale

BrightSpring has announced that it has temporarily reduced the cost of its silicone Baking mat by 25% to under ten dollars. However, the promotion will not be around for long:

18-Feb-2014 – Over Two Thousand Entrants For Baking Mat Giveaway

The BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat has been featured on popular review site on which it received a glowing appraisal and a huge giveaway response:

11-Feb-2014 – Huge BrightSpring Giveaway Announced

As BrightSpring nears the end of its first year of business, the bakeware brand has announced another promotion for new members:

31-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring a Big Hit in Canada

The McKenzie Brothers called it the Great White North, probably because, well, Canada is huge and covered in snow. But whilst it is cold outside, BrightSpring have been through a hot streak in store following the launch of their Silicone Baking Mat on

30-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Announce New Membership Program

BrightSpring have introduced a new membership reward program that will entitle members to special discounts, exclusive news and free giveaways:

22-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Customers Get The 5 Star Treatment

The BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat receives the seal of approval:

20-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Rated Top Seller On Amazon UK

BrightSpring rated as number one seller of innovative bakeware product:

16-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat Launched In Spain

Carrying on with recent trend, BrightSpring have continued their growth in the EU by launching the BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat, or Tapete de Cocción Silicona, in Spain:

13-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring expandiert auf den deutschen Markt

Die BrightSpring Silikon Backmatte wird exklusiv über Amazon verkauft und ist jetzt auf dem Marktplatz gelistet:

12-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Half-Price Sale

BrightSpring are running a promotion giving consumers the opportunity to purchase their silicone baking mat for half the recommended retail price:–BrightSpring-HalfPrice-Sale.html

11-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Releases Its Silicone Baking Mat In Italy

BrightSpring have announced that they have expanded into Italy providing Italian consumers the opportunity to own the BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat for the first time:

05-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Releases Its Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat In France

BrightSpring have announced that their non-stick silicone baking mat is now available to Amazon customers located in France:

01-Jan-2014 – BrightSpring Announces Massive January Sale

The price of the BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat will be slashed by 50% for the January sales:

26-Dec-2013 – 50% Introductory Offer On BrightSpring’s Silicone Baking Mat

BrightSpring silicone baking mat launches in Canada with a half-price offer:

23-Dec-2013 – BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat Launches In Canada

The BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat has launched in the Great White North just in time for Christmas:

20-Dec-2013 – BrightSpring Expand Into The German Market

BrightSpring have launched their Silicone Baking Mat in Germany following success in the United States and the United Kingdom:

12-Dec-2013 – BrightSpring Releases Its Silicone Baking Mat For Winter

Thanksgiving has been and gone, and winter is well and truly here. You can’t remember the last ice-cream you had, and thoughts instead have turned to warming stews, pies and casseroles. BrightSpring has released its silicone baking mat which can be put to use in a whole range of winter delights:

09-Dec-2013 – Introducing The Revolutionary BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat

Christmas Day in the kitchen can be a stressful thing. The BrightSpring silicone baking mat with its completely non-stick and easy wipe clean surface can save time, money and hassle!

25-Nov-2013 – BrightSpring Launch Their Silicone Baking Mat

It is Thanksgiving this week so plans should be well undergo for who’s coming, who’s going and who’s sitting next to the person eating sprouts:

21-Nov-2013 – BrightSpring Black Friday Special Offer!

The biggest shopping day of the year is less than two weeks away so high-street stores are packing their shelves, dusting down the special offers boards and bringing in more staff as they prepare for the flood of consumers that will flow through their doors. It’s Black Friday:

20-Nov-2013 – BrightSpring Introduce Their Silicone Baking Mat

Everyone loves freshly baked food, whether it is bread that is still warm so that butter melts when you spread it on, whether it’s cookies where the chocolate is still gooey or even your catch of the day that is so tender the flesh falls from the bone when you pull from the skin:

14-Nov-2013 – BrightSpring Release Their New Cookie Sheet Liner

Cookies are America’s favorite treat. Nowadays there are hundreds of different flavors that you can buy from the store or at a stall. Cookie Dough is even the most popular flavored ice cream flavour:

08-Nov-2013 – Non-Stick Baking Just Got Better

The satisfaction of opening the oven to see that your dough has risen perfectly, your cookies look expertly knobbly or your vegetable slices have crisped up into the perfect chip is one of the greatest joys of baking. That joy can be short lived, however, following the removal of your baked goodies from the baking sheet when you realise that bottom has stuck to the pan:

31-Oct-2013 -BrightSpring’s Scary Sale Must End Midnight On Halloween!

While it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Halloween, there is no better time to be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Whether it is roasting pumpkin seeds left over from your jack-o-lanterns, making jaw-locking toffee apples or preparing creepy crawly sweets for trick-or-treaters, adding some culinary flair to the occasion is all part of the fun:

26-Oct-2013 - BrightSpring Announce Halloween Special Offer

Halloween is nearly here and so everything gory is almost upon us. Fancy-dress shops are going through their busiest period in the calendar, Texas Chainsaw one million, sorry, 3-D, is on at the cinema and the box of face paint will see daylight for the first time in 365 days:

18-Oct-2013 - Should We All Go Organic?

Since the early 1990’s growth in the organic food market has risen massively year on year. Buy why? Is organic food really better?:

17-Oct-2013 - National Baking Week

For the last few decades, home baking has been a dying art. Local bakeries closed in the face of supermarkets undercutting them, and freshly baked loaves made way for the good old sliced white. Convenience was the key, rather than quality…

17-Oct-2013 – Gluten-Free Baking Market Continues to Rise

The gluten-free baking market is experiencing double digit growth with more and more gluten-free products hitting the supermarket shelves every month…

30-Aug-2013 - BrightSpring Silicone Baking Mat Now Available In The UK!

The BrightSpring silicone baking mat is a baking tray liner that can be used instead of parchment paper or oils as a non-stick baking solution…

29-Aug-2013 – How To Make Baking Healthier

Freshly baked bread, cakes, chocolates and other delicious delights are the ultimate treat for any family but over indulging is often as unhealthy as it is scrumptious.

29-Aug-2013 – The Great British Bake Off Sparks Baking Frenzy!

Baking is an integral part of British tradition, with regional specialties that we still know today having been developed over the centuries. Recently, however, if you wanted a loaf of bread or fancied a muffin then you would pop to the local supermarket or bakery and buy it ready made…

15-Aug-2013 – BrightSpring Slash 50% Off The Price Of Their Silicone Baking Mat!

In celebration of a joyful summer, BrightSpring are cutting the cost of their silicone baking mat from $26.99 to just $13.49 for a limited time only…

13-Aug-2013 -  White Bread Or Wheat Bread?

It is well documented that white bread is unhealthy and if you intend to keep your waistline down then it should not be consumed regularly. So the answer is brown bread then? Not necessarily…

18-Jun-2013The Solution to Simpler and Healthier Baking

Traditionally, baking was performed in the home where households would delight  in freshly baked cakes as special treats. So why don’t even more of us bake at  home nowadays? Is it a lack of know-how? Do we prefer The Cheesecake Factory? Or  are we simply lazy?..

14-Jun-2013 – The Many and Varied Uses of a Silicone Baking Mat

A silicone baking mat’s most prominent feature is that it is totally non-stick. This in itself creates a world of possibilities, in and out of the kitchen. Fed up of greasing pans?..

13-Jun-2013 – BrightSpring Announce the Great Silicone Baking Mat Hunt

BrightSpring have announced a half-price sale on their silicone baking mats which are sold exclusively on Amazon. However, they are not giving it away easily. To make it a little more interesting, they aren’t giving a link to the product; customers have to hunt it out…

10-Jun-2013BrightSpring Announces New Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

What do you LOVE about baking? Beautiful aromas filling your home, the joy of seeing your kids’ faces light up at the sight of fresh-baked cookies, the satisfaction of honest home-made food?..

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