Measuring Cup Set from BrightSpring

Measuring Cup Set

  • STANDARD AND METRIC MEASUREMENTS – No need to bother with time consuming unit conversions making global recipes easier to follow
  • ENGRAVED MEASUREMENTS – The measurements will not rub or wash off over time which is often an issue with printed measurements
  • COMFORT – Soft rubber handles provide added user comfort and better grip
  • BUILT TO LAST – Tough, sturdy stainless steel will not bend and break when scooping ingredients.
  • 5 PIECE SET – 1/8 Cup (30(ml), 1/4 Cup (60 ml), 1/3 Cup (80 ml), 1/2 Cup (125 ml), 1 Cup (250 ml)

Everyone has been there, you are working your way through a delicious recipe that you found on the internet and you suddenly realise that the ingredients are in different measurements to what you are used to. You have already added a few spoons of this, that and the other but now the recipe refers to millilitres rather than cups! Or the other way around, of course.

“Aha”, you think, “I’ll just convert on Google… easy peasy”. And yes it does seem a simple task until you are pushed for time, your hands are covered in ingredients and you have to get typing. Wouldn’t the baking world be so much easier with one unified system?!

Set of measuring cupsSo we have taken this common problem into consideration when designing the BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set and whilst we can’t ask followers of the cup measurement system to down cups and switch to the metric system (or vica versa), we can at least show markings for both units of measurement on the same cup completely negating the tedious conversion task. Our brand new measuring cup set is built with convenience in mind.

The BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set is a five piece set including a 1/8 Cup (30(ml), a 1/4 Cup (60 ml), a 1/3 Cup (80 ml), a 1/2 Cup (125 ml) a Cup (250 ml). Each cup features a soft, easy-grip rubber handle which is comfortable to grasp and easier to hold, especially when using wet ingredients. The measuring cups come with a handy key ring which keeps the cups together either as a stacked unit or hung on a hook for tidy, efficient storage.

Measuring Cups


Built to Last

The cups are made from tough stainless steel that won’t easily bend or break during use. Dig deep into a bag of flour and scoop a cup full straight out without fear of the handle snapping as is often the case with plastic measuring cups.

The handles of the cups are engraved with the cup sizes so they will not vanish in time through wear and tear. The attractive, convenient and tough BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set is made for bakers by bakers.

How To Buy a BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set

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IconMoney Back Guarantee

All BrightSpring products come with a no-hassle 30 day money back guarantee giving you complete peace of mind for your purchase.


The BrightSpring Measuring Cup Set is currently available with a 33% discount! Order now to take advantage of this fantastic price.

If you have any questions on BrightSpring Measuring Cup Sets then please contact us here and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

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