Mixing Bowl Set from BrightSpring

Mixing Bowl Set

  • 3 PIECE SET: Large Bowl = 9 ½” diameter x 5 ½” deep, Medium Bowl = 7 ¾” diameter x 4 ¾ deep”, Small Bowl 6 ½” diameter x 4″ deep
  • STRONG – Made with strong stainless-steel that will not crack and break like plastic and ceramic bowls can
  • EASY-GRIP HANDLES – Provide added comfort during mixing and improve grip when holding in your arm or holding down on a work surface
  • CONVENIENCE – Spout allows easier pouring when working with wet ingredients
  • STURDY – Rubber bottom prevents slipping making mixing easier

 At BrightSpring we like to think that know what the customer wants; we are customers ourselves after all. We take influence from our own experiences and use it when working on a design for new BrightSpring products.

Set of Mixing BowlsMixing bowls are a perfect example of this. We have owned numerous mixing bowl sets over the years each with their pros and cons. Ceramic bowls look fabulous but are heavy and often chip, crack and break if not used carefully. Plastic is kind on the wallet but does not offer visual appeal.

Introducing the BrightSpring Mixing Bowl Set

Our three piece mixing bowl set delivers on all fronts. Made with strong stainless steel the set is durable and will not crack or break with time. If the bowl catches the side of the worktop or if dropped onto a hard floor, the only disaster will be a splash of ingredients rather than a shattering of ceramic or cracking of plastic. Stainless-steel is robust and safe for use in the dishwasher. Additionally, it is light making it easier to use and store than heavier alternatives.

Mixing BowlsUser comfort is a core component of the BrightSpring Mixing Bowl Set as we have added included rubber coated handles that provide extra grip whether held in your arm or onto the worktop. The bowls also feature a rubber bottom which prevents sliding on slippery surfaces to increase control while mixing. Each bowl has a handy spout that makes pouring of wet ingredients easier.

Coming in three different sizes, BrightSpring mixing bowls offer aesthetics, convenience and practicality all neatly combined in one easily stackable set.

How To Buy a BrightSpring Mixing Bowl Set

To purchase a BrightSpring Mixing Bowl Set simply click on the relevant Amazon button at the top right of this page.

IconMoney Back Guarantee

All BrightSpring products come with a no-hassle 30 day money back guarantee giving you complete peace of mind for your purchase.


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