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Soft Pretzel Twists

Now here in sunny old England we aren’t quite the soft pretzel aficionados that our American cousins are. In fact, I only found out what a soft pretzel was as an adult! Prior to that, I only knew pretzels as the little crunchy things you get in chip-type packets. So discovering these beautiful chewy treats […]

Chelsea Buns Glazed

Chelsea Buns

Chelsea buns are sweet, sticky, full of fruit and absolutely perfect with a lovely cuppa tea. As far as I’m concerned that’s all you need to know. Get baking! Now seriously, time for a bit of history boys and girls. Chelsea buns were first created in the early 18th century by the Bun House in, […]

Baked olive oil bread

Understanding Baking Bread

Many people perceive baking bread to be a technical and difficult process that should be left to the professionals when in reality it can be a straight forward and fulfilling experience. Buying a sliced loaf may be easier but that pales into insignificance when considering the taste of a freshly home baked loaf compared to a branded bread. Here we […]

Bread Rolls with Sun-Dried Tomato & Olive

Bread rolls, baps, cobs, breadcakes, buns… The list goes on but no matter what you call them, they’re flipping delicious in any dialect. I am a huge fan of the bread roll. Since living with Mr BrightSpring, bread at the dinner table has become a fixture for me. Apparently no meal is complete if you […]

Olive Oil Bread – Quick and Easy

This is an olive oil bread recipe that will be familiar to anyone who has purchased one of our silicone baking mats – we send you this along with other recipes to help get you started – and it’s one of our absolute favorites. Olive oil bread so easy to make, and can be modified in any way […]

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