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Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

It’s a Sunday which means one of two things; a day in the local enjoying a roast dinner and a couple of cheeky pints or a day with the oven mitts on baking some tasty delights. After failing to find my all-time favorite cookie, the chocolate chip Hobknob, in the shop this morning, I decided […]

Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Chocolate Caramel Cookies

We recently shared an M&M cookie recipe which proved to be hugely popular, and this got the brainiacs here at BrightSpring HQ to thinking: which other candy nibbles would step a cookie up from being just tasty to truly sublime? “Caramel!” Burst out Mr BrightSpring, overcome with excitement. It doesn’t take much. Great idea though, […]

Chocolate M and M Cookies

To be honest, I think the title says it all. Gooey? Go on then. Chocolate? Nice. M&Ms? Oh my giddy aunt. Cookies??? HUZZAH!! Individually all these elements rock my socks but put them together for these almighty gooey chocolate M and M cookies and you have my idea of heaven. One thing I really love […]

Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Cookies cookies cookies. Yum yum yum. Is there anything more to say? Didn’t think so! A couple of days ago I woke up with an intense craving for chocolate cranberry cookies. I can’t tell you why, as I’ve never made this kind of cookie before, and I don’t think I’ve ever even eaten them. Maybe […]

Ghost Cookies for Halloween

Ooooh Halloweeeennnnnn…. Ghosts and ghouls and vampires and, er, sweets? Oh yes, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without trick-or-treaters demanding sugary ransoms for your safety. So we thought that, rather than doling out the usual candy bars and lollipops, why not try something a bit different? So of course, what better than ghost cookies! That’s right. […]

Chocolate-Chip Cookies Classic Recipe

Classic chocolate-chip cookies are the old family favourite that everyone loves What is the first thing you think of when you think about baking? Cookies? Well I do anyway. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of me sitting patiently with a plate of chocolate-chip cookies watching Sesame Street waiting for the Cookie Monster to […]

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