Bamboo Cutting Boards – The Benefits

Bamboo Cutting BoardsWhat’s so special about bamboo?

Bamboo cutting boards are becoming ever more popular, and not just for the way they look – although they are rather spiffy. So what is it that makes bamboo so special, and why are we only just discovering it now?

Well first off, the benefits of bamboo have been known for a long time, but it is only in the last couple of decades that the technology has been around to turn a cylindrical bamboo shoot into the lovely flat boards you see today. So this at least explains why it seems like bamboo is suddenly all around us.

Now onto to the why. What makes bamboo the ideal material for cutting boards?

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Here’s a little fact for the day: bamboo is not actually a tree, but a grass. And this can probably go a long way to explaining the fact that it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. A bamboo shoot can reach maturity within three to six years, whereas the types of hardwood used for cutting boards will take 30 years or more before reaching maturity and can live for around 150 years.

Because of this, when properly sourced, bamboo is an easily renewable source as well as being easily grown and more often than not organically grown, thanks to its willingness to grow anywhere, any-how. This also keeps the cost down making them great for the money- as well as eco-conscious.

Bmbo Cutting BoardsEcoAnti-bacterial and hygienic

Bamboo is very dense and non-porous, meaning that is does not easily absorb water. By keeping out water, the bamboo is also keeping out bacteria which means it is safer for use with all foods. We would still recommend using separate boards for meat, fish and vegetables however – this is just good practice. BrightSpring bamboo cutting boards come as a set of three with color-coded handles, allowing you to do just that.

Plastic boards for example are easily damaged by cutting, giving them a rough surface which is a haven for bacteria and disease.

Durable and kind to knives

Bamboo is harder than most other wood cutting boards, meaning it will not absorb water and warp as easily, nor will it become scarred and damaged by your knives. However, on the flip-side of this, bamboo is amazingly kind to your knives! Remember I said bamboo was really grass? Well this means that it is made up of many individual strands of grass so it will “heal” from cutting. Also since the knife edge is hitting these strands rather than one hard unforgiving surface, your knife will stay sharper for longer when used on bamboo.

Cheese Straws FInalSo darn pretty!

Bamboo cutting boards look absolutely beautiful, and can be found in a wide range of styles and shapes to suit any kitchen. Thanks to all the properties we listed above, they will also stay this way for longer than cutting boards made from other materials.

Look after your bamboo cutting boards and they will look after you

Whilst bamboo cutting boards are strong and durable, they do need to be well looked after to last. A little bit of tender love and care will keep them in tip-top condition for years to come. Check out our bamboo cutting boards use and care page for more details.

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